Wednesday Evenings--An Oppotunity to Grow

There's a lot happening at First Assembly on Wednesday nights.  Beyond the preschool, children's and youth ministries, there are numerous Bible studies and interest groups happening here from 6:30 to 8.

I'm particularly excited about what is happening in my own class (of course!:))  Beyond spending more time in worship and prayer led by our own Pastor Adam Howard, we've begun a course of study on theology!  You might think that sounds rather boring or stuffy or heady.  You'd be missing out for the wrong reasons if that's why you're staying away.

Last week, after we took 35 minutes examining what we mean by the greatness of God, Pastor Adam took us back into a worship and prayer journey.  Tonight, we'll continue to explore the attributes of God.  I invite you to join us.  We've so much to learn and have a perfect opportunity to grow.

Where's God taking you?  If you don't know or would like to take some steps toward intentionally going somewhere, join me tonight at 6:30 in Kidztown (room 217)--we'll go further in our journey together!