Kenyan Lessons

I have been asked a number of times how my trip to Kenya was--let me answer you--it was absolutely wonderful. From the moment I got off the plane in Nairobi on Monday night until I left on Friday night, I found Kenya to be a beautiful place with hospitable and humble people.

Additionally, I discovered a side of the world I had always heard existed, but saw it for myself. The needs of this great country and continent are too great to be done justice in a short blog like this. In spite of the needs--orphans, HIV, malnutrition, ravaging poverty (just to name a few)--I found the Kenyan people and Kenyan Christians to be full of the kind of faith and willingness to serve that make profound change not only possible, but inevitable.

I visited four projects while there that Mission of Mercy is engaged in. A school, a home for abandoned and orphaned babies and toddlers, and two rural churches that serve hundreds of children in practical ways (some pictured above right). Maybe the heart of the people were summed up in a few words by a pastor in Emarti--a place about an hour's drive from the paved road. The church depends on a generator for electricity and has no running water. Their present church building seems no larger than a two or three car garage. Pastor John Paul (pictured above left) wore a red beaded shirt emroidered with the letters MOM (for Mission of Mercy) and said, "The needs of the children were too great to ignore, and God has blessed us for reaching out to them."

That's the kind of heart I want to have. When he might have focused on so much that wasn't there yet, he saw what they could do and he, along with a team of involved parents, are making a difference in the lives of a few hundred children.

More to come down the road on this blog on Kenya and more reflections on the trip during our morning service on March 20 when representatives of Mission of Mercy will be with us!