Questions from Q Sunday

This past Sunday, First Assembly of God Lafayette arranged for a morning of questions from the congregation. Instead of getting up and delivering a conventional message, I stood on the platform and addressed questions that were submitted through video, email, text and written on note cards. All in all, I thought it was a great morning where we dealt with a couple dozen questions and where people were given a fresh vision of faith, doubt, and the church.

Below are a list of questions submitted through text. Some questions I had to delete here, as they were not "family friendly", but I thought you might enjoy seeing what our university town church is asking at this very moment.

I'll do my best to tackle a question or two per week between now and the next Q Sunday this coming fall. You can see what happened by seeing the video at

Here are the questions:

Do people in hell have a chance to get out?
Did Jews before Jesus was born go to heaven?
How did Adam and Eve's children have wives, if Adam and Eve did not have daughters?
If you dont go to church but pray every night will u still be clensed with the holy spirit.Why did god create bad things in the world.
How old is the earth?
Why do bad accidents happen to good praying Chtistians
Is it bad to pray for something that you want
How does god feel about people that are rude?
Why does the church prohibit drinking wine when it is mentioned that they drink it in the bible?If God is a loving God, why does he allow us to be tempted by sin that will ultimately lead to suffrage and pain?
Who exactly are the "chosen people" in the bible?
Divorce? What if the husband decides he doesnt want to try anymore? Does that count as unfaithfulness. Or are they both commiting adultery?
If the unreached are condemned, why are we not spending 90 percent of our resources sending disciples into the world? Why does this church even have walls?
What is the age of accountability?
what do u think about "the word of faith" Hagin, Copeland?
When Job was restored and all his possessions were doubled, why not his number of children?What does God think about and how should Christians be with homosexuals and gay people?Is it a mistake from God of those people that are born with both female and male parts?Did Adam have a navel?
What are the physical gifts of the Spirit (i.e. Speaking in tongues) and the passages that deal with them?
When someone speaks in tongues, do they know they are doing it or does it makes sense to them?Are we in the last days?
Where there dinosaurs on the Ark?
How old is the earth?  Is it possible to believe in Creationism and still believe that the 'Big Bang' did really occur .... ie, time between Gen1:1 and Gen 1:2?
What are good guidlines to help belivers witness to people whom do not belief in Jesus? guidlines to help belivers show  other people how Jesus has worked in their life?Is it adultery to divorce and remarry
Do people go to heaven or hell right away when they die or are they in some kind of holding?How do you practically deal with and overcome regret when your mistakes have changed OTHER innocent peoples lives even when you know you are forgiven and made new in Jesus?
First Assembly does a great job of being welcoming to ALL. How can churches become less separate and more inclusive to races to worship together?
what is a concubine?
Is it safer to base ones faith on logic and facts or just have blind faith ?
Ho do you tell if peale arw a true christian
How do you tell that the bible is real
If one has always felt called, what is a realistic first step toward becoming a missionary?Isn't there a passage in Romans that says we all know there is a god when we experience god's creation?
When u die, do u immediately go to heaven or do u have to wait till the resurrection of Jesus? And who meets Jesus first? Those on earth or those n the grave?
Do you have to read the bible to be excepted by God?
Who is the voice on the announcements?
How do you recognize the Spirit vs your owns thoughts when you feel prompted in a certain direction in decision making? Particularly in the gray area where the Bible isnt fully clear.
Did Jesus turn the water into wine?
Do you have to be christian to be excepted by God??
Of all the beliefs out there islam, catholicism, buddism, etc.
Do you believe in the gift of tounges?
Were do dinasaurs and cave men come in when God created the earth?
What are going to do when we get to heaven? i heard that we'd do nothing but worship god, no offense, i love to worship him, but is that ALL?
How do you hear god speak to you? like, people say, "god called me/told me to be a missionary"What does being sanctified mean to you?
How was god made?
Hebrews discusses several times about Christ being in the order of melchizedeck. What is this referring to?
Some faiths include the "Book of Maccabees" why do we not include this book?
If god does not bless sin, then how come abraham and isaac were blessed and came out on top when they lied about their wives being their sisters?
Do you have to study the bible to be excepted by God?
Does the bible say the serpant in the garden is satan?
Why cant the cubs win a world series?
I am confused about when dInasours were on earth. School teaches one theory while christians believe other things
What does the church say about hypocrites?
My relationship with God one second is great & in another moment I'm lost & confused. Right now I am lost and I don't know how to get back to Him.
What can I do?
What is the annointing? How much of it can I have in my life?
Do u have to be completely submerged to be baptized.
Do u believe in E.T. life?when you pray does it matter whether you use Jesus or gods name? What is the difference between the names when you do pray?