A Trip to Africa

This next week I'll be going to Nairobi, Kenya to see some of the ministries of Mission of Mercy and connect with those who are carrying out this work among orphans.  I'll be leaving Sunday, February 20 after church and will return on Saturday, February 26.  

I've never been to Africa, and I am looking forward to the experience.  On top of the my love of culture discovery, I've always found that I can hear from God even more clearly when I am out of the culture I am accustomed to.  So beyond asking for you to pray for my safety and health and for my family while I am away, pray with me that this time away traveling and seeing God's work in a place I have never been.  Pray that it will be a time when I hear God's voice in a new and fresh way.

On Sunday, March 20, David and Candy Wigington will be with us as our missionary guests to share more with our congregation about Mission of Mercy, so this trip will also serve to me a clearer idea about the work of Mission of Mercy around the world.

Missions is so important in the life of every Christian community!  I'm looking forward to learning more about what God is doing in our world!