5 Great Things about Life Groups

As I see it, there are at least 5 great elements to the Life Groups ministry that we're training people for this Sunday, March 13 from 4:30PM to 7:30PM. I heard tonight that 80 people are signed up for the second Life Group Leadership Seminar! There's still time to sign up by emailing lifegroups@firstag.org. SO, the 10 great things--

1. You don't have to teach anything to lead a Life Group. Some Life Groups are about walking or shooting or playing golf together. Maybe you want to teach, but many people who could lead a group capably aren't interested in it. To me, the flexibility of these groups is a PLUS.

2. Nearly anyone can lead and learn about leading through Life Groups. The Life Groups model we're bringing to First Assembly increases exponentially the number of people who are involved in leading. This is a positive, as it means the pool of leaders for our church down the road is not only more experienced, but is bigger. That bodes well for the future of our congregation.

3. Life Groups become a highway for people to find First Assembly. Right now, a Zumba Alternative class that started with just about a dozen people now sees more than 50 twice a week. About half this group isn't from First Assembly. That demonstrates a bit of the potential for growing our church with Life Groups.

4. Because Life Groups allow us a time to take a month break three times a year, we'll have more opportunities for corporate gatherings on the "off" times. April, August, and December will the times we'll be taking a break from Life Groups this year. That means during those months, we'll make room for prayer meetings, worship events, outreach and other large group time for First Assembly to gather outside of just Sunday morning.

5. Because most groups will be meeting every week, there will be greater relational connection in our congregation than ever! When you just meet twice a month, you easily risk not seeing people for month at a time if you happen to miss the meeting. With Life Groups, we're asking all leaders to consider transitioning their groups to once a week to ramp up the intentionality and relational possibility with their groups. Because a "season" will last only about three months at a time, the commitment to meet weekly is not an ongoing, endless commitment.

Want to discover more? You can learn more about Life Groups by clicking here!

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