Biblical Translation

I've been asked what version of the Bible I use for the Sunday morning message at our church.  I use the New International Version, Copyrighted 2011.

I use this translation because I believe it is a good one.  A number of my teachers in graduate school worked on this translation.  Perhaps the New American Standard Bible is the best version out there right now, from the standpoint of accuracy and equivalence and theological balance.  However, the NASB has an advanced vocabulary and is maybe not as accessible for children, youth, and those speaking English as a second language.

Some people, my administrative assistant included, would like me to use the New King James Version.  There may be those in our church who would be more comfortable if I used the King James Version of 1611, but as I think you're aware, translation is an imperfect business and, while there are many strengths to the KJV and NKJV, I would rather use a version that employs more of present day vernacular.  Just my preference.

So there you have it!  Another question answered from our Q Sunday event on February 6. 2011!

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