Feeling God's Presence

Q:  How can I, as a teenager, begin to feel God's presence?  How does he become more real and personal?
This excellent question, submitted on our Q Sunday event on February 6, 2011 asks a question that many people pose at all stages of life.  Becoming more aware of God's presence and finding God to be more intimate in one's life is something everyone is looking for on some level.  Here are some initial thoughts.

  1. God's Word.  One of the most direct ways to connect with God is to start reading the Bible on a daily basis.  Not only is the Bible the record of how God has revealed himself to his people, but is a living word to us (Hebrews 4:12) that God uses to bring timely and relevant lessons to everyone who applies himself or herself to it.
  2. Worship.  Whenever you have the chance to worship, open up your heart and your mind and actively engage yourself in the worship experience.  Speak to God, sing the words out with your whole heart, look to feel deeply what is being expressed in worship, lift your hands.  Worshiping God is a basic but effective way of connecting with God on a personal level and feel God's presence.
  3. Prayer.  Becoming a person who speaks regularly to God about all the normal situations of life is a way to deepen one's relationship with God.  Beyond speaking, spending time waiting to hear from God is a great way to opening your heart and mind to what God might be trying to whisper in your ear.
  4. Find a mentor.  To grow in your faith, people at all stages of life need to find someone who can lead them spiritually ahead.  Find someone who you think is wise and has a living relationship with God.  Ask them to help you cultivate a more intimate and relevant connection with God that is personal and charged with God's felt presence.  This has been one of the most useful paths I have used to grow my own relationship with God.
Well, there you have it!  I hope you found this answer helpful!

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