Girls' Night Out

Girls Night Out is coming to our church this Sunday evening, April 10, 2011 at 6:00, and I hope that a lot of our First Assembly ladies are able to attend!  This is an event opportunity for our church to host.

First, it is a chance to bring ladies from around Lafayette together.  If you've been looking for an event to bring a friend to, you should seriously consider this one.  The evening will be very entertaining, but will also gently encourage women to consider their relationship (or lack of one) with God.  This is a night designed for women from all walks of life and of all ages, so if you can think of a lady in those categories, please consider inviting her.

Second, it's a great opportunity for churches in the area to come together and just enjoy the evening.  Often churches are fabulous at rallying together to meet a need, and that's so important.  But this is a great chance for churches to join together and just get to know each other a bit and build stronger relationships with each other.

Finally, this will be an enjoyable night.  Kelita, the guest artist,, has performed around the world.  She is a comedienne, singer, and speaker and often speaks about God's justice and mercy.  (Shania Twain used to sing backup for her!)  Every lady who attends will leave with a little gift bag that contains, among other things, a nice book.

Some people have asked why we are hosting this evening.  The answer is simple.  This is a fabulous chance for women from the greater Lafayette area to enjoy a great evening out, without any strings attached, and just enjoy focusing on God and his goodness.
Tickets are still available at the info booth in the lobby on Wednesday night or Sunday morning.  You can also get them at the door before the event.  See for more even more information!

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