Life Group Promotion Starts this Weekend

At First Assembly this weekend, we'll start a month long promotion of Life Groups, our new model for group life that will soon be finding its way to be the dominant expression for classes, groups, Home Fellowship Groups and studies of all kinds.

This weekend, tables will be set up in the lobby and group leaders will be representing their groups and signing people up. It's particularly exciting to realize just how many different kinds of groups are starting. Everything from exercise groups to book clubs to Bible studies to motorcycle groups will be making their way to our lobby and into our church life.

I'm particularly fired up to see all the ways that people from the outside will end up finding these groups and finding their way into our church. This past semester, Jessica Wadding, a young lady in our church, started a Zumba Alternative Group. This group started with about 10 people and saw 58 people present to exercise at the church and get to know each other. Many of the people in this group don't yet attend the church, but it is a dynamic example of what is possible with Life Groups.

Starting May 1 and ending July 31, the summer season for Life Groups is almost under way! Thanks to Rob and Jennifer Stanfield, as well as Pastor Todd Hair for all they've done in giving this component of our church's life a major boost.

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