My Life Group

I wanted to post today about the Life Group that Tracy and I plan to host in our home every Friday evening at our home from 6:30-to 8.  We're leading this group with Pastor Adam and Sarah Howard.  The group is called "Character Development for Leaders".

This class is a Bible study designed around various character traits and leadership skills that leaders need like honesty, tenacity, generosity, attentiveness, etc.  The study group will begin on May 6 and will end on July 29.  Childcare will be possible for families that want it, for children who are 2 and up.

This class is designed with 25-35 year-olds in mind.  We're looking forward to meeting more of the younger people in our church who seek to grow in leadership.  if you're interested, you can email me at this email address, or sign up in the lobby at church.  The signup can be found alongside Tracy's Life Group display that features an "Easter Tree".

That's a little taste of where we're headed with on Friday nights this summer!  To learn more about Life Groups, click here.

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