Sabbath Keeping

Q:  Do we still need to honor the command, "Remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy"?  What does that look like in our complicated American culture?
A:  This question, emailed to me on February 3, 2011 was one of the queries we couldn't get to on our Q Sunday on February 6.  The question was submitted by someone who grew up in a pastor's home, indicating for us how the issue is not clear to many Christians.

The command to honor the sabbath is found in the Decalogue or Ten Commandments in Exodus 20.  In general, Christians from across the theological spectrum see the Ten Commandments as binding on Christians, both Jews and Gentiles.

In general, I would say it means that we take at least one day out of seven to stop what we would normally be doing in terms of work or routine and use it to connect with God and see ourselves renewed in some way.

This kind of Sabbath observance is not one that is just related to religion, but is connected more generally to the creation story.  God himself rested on the seventh day after 6 days of creation.  Observing the Sabbath is not something only connected to keeping commands of God, but it is good sense and probably is the kind of thing that goes hand and hand with human limitations.  We need to rest one day out of seven; it's not just a commandment, it's good sense as well.

I hope that's a satisfying answer.  Thanks for asking it!

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