God Cannot Lie

Q:  If God is all-powerful, then how can he not be able to lie?
A:  The answer to this question, turned in on an index card on Sunday, February 6, 2011 is kind of philosophical, as the question is rather philosophical in nature.

Because God is the sum of all superlative positive attributes, a lie would go against the definition of who he is.  In essence, God sides with the truth always.  To turn away from truth on any level would violate his nature or character.  That's why God can't lie, even if he is all-powerful.  God declares through the Bible that he doesn't lie (Numbers 23:19).  

For me, the deeper question to ask is why it's so tough always to tell the truth.  Making it through 24 hours, uttering only what is consistent with the facts--that's a struggle for most any person.  Jim Carey's movie, "Liar, Liar" demonstrates how embarrassing and inconvenient the truth can be to tell, told consistently.

Thanks for question that seems to spawn even more questions!

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