Graduate Goes to El Salvador

Landon Thompson just graduated from McCutcheon High School here in Lafayette, Indiana this past month.  He's a popular kid who's been raised by John and Bonnie Thompson who have long emphasized serving, giving, and missions.  Two of his siblings attended a discipleship school called Master's Commission in Fort Myers, Florida where young people are encouraged to find the anchor to their lives in serving the church and following Christ.

Landon will also be attending Master's Commission at King's Castle in El Salvador.  This ministry, started in 1989 by Assemblies of God missionaries Don and Terri Triplett, is among the most effective efforts by Assemblies of God missionaries in the world.  This program is an amazing outreach that not only takes people from the US, but from all over the world and sets them on a journey of proclaiming that Jesus saves and is coming soon.

During his first six weeks, Landon will be in a boot camp where he won't be able to blog or communicate with the outside world.  He'll be experiencing so many amazing things during the next year, but we'll have an occasion to hear from him on a Sunday morning at First Assembly of God in December when he'll be home for Christmas.

I'd like to ask you to pray for Landon Thompson as a kind of missionary who is going abroad this coming year from our church.  He's going to learn Spanish, proclaim God's good news, give more than he probably realizes and experience more of God's incomparable grace than he ever has.  Please also pray for Landon's parents, John and Bonnie, as they let Landon loose from their nest.

If you'd like to let Landon know you're praying for him, he can be found at this Facebook link.

We're proud of you, Landon!  God's speed till we see you again!

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