Now What?

Now that Life Groups have come to an end, some of you who are a part of First Assembly of God are wondering what to do during the month of August when we take a churchwide break from Life Groups.

We take breaks to give those of you who are in the routine of going to a group or hosting a group in your home or leading a group a break.  Especially for those who host or teach, you'll be able to use this time to do something different than you normally might have on the Monday when you'd normally be leading a fitness group or the Sunday night when you would teach a Bible study.  What you do is up to you!

I'd encourage you to come to my class up in the Kidztown room on Wednesday night.  It's one of the groups that doesn't take a break and might allow you the chance to experience something you haven't in a while on Wednesday evening.

If you just can't bear taking a break from some kind of group activity, why not get together with the people from your last group or one that you'll be joining in September just to become more acquainted in a setting different from your typical group setting.  You are also welcome to meet in the sanctuary with a group and pray together.

I'm looking forward to September's offerings!  They're starting the week that begins Sunday, September 11.  Amazing stuff from men's groups to ballroom dancing to a biggest loser's group (weight loss) and a Beth Moore study on Esther are in the pipeline.  I can't wait to see how it goes!

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