What's Your Name?

Names, names, names, names, names, names, names!!!!!

If you know me well, you may know that I am not stellar when it comes to remembering everyone's name.  Having a meal with someone is probably a guarantee I will remember their name, but meeting them in the lobby of our church, as I have hundreds of people in the last 9 months since I arrived--I'm not good at it.  And here's the truth--few people are good at remembering names.

In a church our size, especially as God continues to grow our church as he has for the past 9 months, we must give permission to people to ask each other’s names, over and over again.  It will probably take 5 or 6 encounters with another person to solidly memorize their name.  Creating a permission-giving atmosphere will knock down the socially awkward barrier of forgetting someone’s name--one I've tripped over many times since I arrived in Lafayette.

Try to begin each encounter by saying your own name. 
“Hi!  It’s Robby.  How are you doing [insert their name if you remember it]? “
“Hi!  It’s great to see you!  I’m Robby. I don’t remember your name, but I do remember meeting you last week.”
“Hello.  Didn’t we attend the same volunteer meeting last week?  I’m Robby.  It’s nice to see you again!  I know that we did introductions last week, but could you please tell me your name?” 

Also, whenever we are leading a group that is newly formed, introductions should be a part of each gathering for several weeks.  If they are fluid groups, introductions should be a part of each gathering. 

By taking more care to create an atmosphere where names are important, we will more successfully create an open and warm social atmosphere so more people will want to join us and listen to our message about Jesus.

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