You Go First

Been waiting for a reason to positive, happy, full of faith?  You go first.  You take the step out there where joy and gratitude lie.

Are you waiting for your spouse to be brighter or more optimistic or more loving?  You go first--make the move to be the one who lifts the mood in your marriage.

Are you waiting for your boss to be more accepting of you?  Are you hoping she will be nicer or more polite before you will?  You go first--decide to honor them before you are honored by them.

Are you waiting for that estranged one or two in your life to come back and offer words of apology before you'll forgive?  Step off into thin air and forgive or apologize first--you go first.

Are you waiting for God to bless you or answer some prayer or bring an end to some difficult season before you'll serve him like you've nothing better to do?  You go first--take plunge into refreshing faith and praise and just see how the oppressive heat of life lifts.

Stop waiting your life away and seize what might be found by taking the first step, making the first move.

"See first God's kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."  --Matthew 6:33

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