The Blessed Life--January 2012 Series

This month at Lafayette First Assembly of God we will be examining "The Blessed Life" inspired by the book and series of teachings by influential pastor Dr. Robert Morris.  I may never do it again, but because I have the sense that we need to hear this anointed teaching from Pastor Morris himself, we'll be watching videos of his masterful teaching on the subject. YOU WILL NOT BE BORED AND WILL NOT FEEL YOU'VE MISSED ANYTHING!

Robert Morris is the founding pastor of Gateway Church, an independent charismatic church in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  Since starting the church in 2000, the church has grown to more than 24,000 active members.  You can learn more from Morris' book, The Blessed Life.

Open your heart to what God has to say to each of us about the kind of life he wants us to have and how that is connected to participation with God in his kingdom through financial giving.

January 08--The Blessed Life:  It's All About the Heart
January 15--The Blessed Life:  What Test?
January 22--The Blessed Life:  You Gotta Serve Somebody

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