EPIC--Sunday Series for Summer 2012

EPIC, meaning "extending beyond the usual or ordinary, especially in size or scope", is the series we'll be focused on at First Assembly in Lafayette, Indiana for the next seven Sundays.

We'll be taking seven "epic" stories from the Old Testament and seeing how they apply to life and to our individual lives now.

Beyond the definition posted above, the letters of the word "EPIC" stand for "Every Person Is Chosen".  In this way, we will be focused on the fact that God would have us all live lives that are "epic" and to have moments of destiny that can't be described better than with the word "epic".

Along with the Epic series, we will be opening a window to "epic" spiritual experiences, as we will open an experience for prayer walking around the center of Lafayette on the Saturday morning of July 21, asking God to do something "epic" in our city!  I can't wait to see what great things God will do in our lives and in our church from July 1-August 12!

Here's a guide to the themes each Sunday during the EPIC series:

July 1          Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors
July 8          The Crossing of the Red Sea
July 15        Joshua and the Battle of Jericho
July 22        Samson & Delilah
July 29        David & Goliath
August 5     The 3 Hebrew Children
August 12   Queen Esther

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