The Global Leadership Summit 2012

If you've been around First Assembly in the last couple of months, you know that we are hosting The Global Leadership summit on August 9-10 in our sanctuary via satellite.  This event is the primary leadership development moment we will have as a church in 2012, and I want to encourage you to be present for it.

Beyond the fact that this conference will afford us to host church, business and academic leaders from our community and beyond, it will be an amazing moment for us as a church to walk together into a growing experience, learning how to steward the influence we have in life more effectively and see our influence grow.

People from all walks of life and places of influence and leadership will be converging on the summit, and I can't wait to see it come together!

There will be inspirational and informative talks from all kinds of leaders--church, business, missions, educational and government leaders from former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to business leadership author Jim Collins to outstanding pastors like Bill Hybels and Craig Groeschel.

Don't put it off anymore, click this link to send an email to get the best price possible NOW.

Someone recently asked why they should attend the summit.  This is how I answered them: "You should attend it to be strengthened, inspired and informed about how to better steward the influence God has given you in your home, work, church and world.  I don't know about you, but I need help in learning how to better lead in my life."

I'm looking forward to growing with everyone who will be at this event, hosted for the first time in Lafayette, along with about 500 other cities throughout the world.  Something BIG is coming to Lafayette through this summit.  Don't miss it!

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