WOW!  Today was amazing and inspiring!  I don't know where to begin with all the ways The Global Leadership Summit 2012 impacted me today!  Beyond the unusually clear presentations from Patrick Lencioni on organizational health, conflict and negotiation expert Dr. William Ury and an Indian woman by the name of Pranitha Timothy who has been involved in the liberation of more than 4000 people, I left the day re-charged, clear and ready for the challenges ahead.

A number of times during the day, I felt the powerful work of God's Spirit in our midst--as Pranitha Timothy spoke eloquently and mightily in her soft, feeble voice of her love of Christ, as John Ortberg unpacked the effect of Jesus on history, as Bill Hybels spelled out for us all why the local church is the hope of the world.  If you missed today, you missed some life-shaping opportunities.  If you were there, I'm sure you could comment on what struck you powerfully below.

I guess it was kind of a spiritual and intellectual download of just about pure goodness that informed, inspired and explained.  So many others from our church and community that I spoke with at the Summit said it exceeded their expectations, and they can't wait to come next year!

I want to encourage you to come if you didn't have the chance this year.  WRITE DOWN THE DATE NOW--August 8-9, 2013.  PLAN ON IT!

Finally, I want to say how thankful I was for the excellent volunteers and staff from our church that made this event happen!  I was so proud of our church!

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