How To Follow Up on the Global Leadership Summit

Thursday and Friday of this past week were some spectacular days to take in at the Global Leadership Summit hosted at our church via satellite.  Our first year had over 200 in attendance from businesses and ministries across our community--a smooth start!

Talking to people who attended for the first time, I kept getting the same kinds of replies from people--it absolutely exceeded their expectations.  One woman, a grandmother who has been serving Christ for at least 30 years, was expressing something else that a lot of people were.  She got a lot out of it, but wondered how to follow-up on this amazing experience.

So I'd like to suggest three next steps:

  1. Write.  Take some private time and write down what stood out to from the experience.  Were there tips or ideas that you'd like to start implementing in your own life?  Were there areas in your life you'd like to address that came from the presentations or interviews?  Write them down in a journal to clarify your thoughts.  If you're like me, you feel like you've taken a drink from a delicious fire hose, but you need to figure out what exactly was there.
  2. Read.  There were all KINDS of resources available at the Summit--books, DVD's, CD's, etc.  Now follow-through in your life by reading some of the books written by the people who spoke most to you.  I'll be reading The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni, as his ideas spoke to me clearly about a lot of things in my ministry and in my personal life.
  3. Share.  Maybe you could set up a Life Group--our small groups here at First Assembly--and talk with others who are wanting to grow in some of the same ways.  Or maybe you could find out who else is reading what you are, and get together to talk about it or share some other way.  Whenever you process with another person what you're learning, you'll internalize and apply it much more deeply than if you read it and keep it to yourself.
Well that's it!  Take some next steps TODAY, and start to put some of what you learned to work!

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