Ideas on how to Grow Your Life Group

Recently, Pastor Todd Hair posted these ideas on The City for how to grow your group!  Check out these fabulous ideas!

  1. Know your target
  2. The name of your group should reflect clearly what it is about
  3. The description shouldn’t be long, but should communicate a clear purpose
  4. The group location & meeting time should be convenient to the people you want to join
  5. Always make sure that your friends know about your group and invite them.
  6. Consider reaching into your neighborhood—invite your neighbors!
  7. Attend related functions and activities in the church and community where you might find like-minded people who share your interest—invite them!
  8. Make sure people at First Assembly know about your group!
  9. Host your table at the LIFE GROUPS FAIR—be creative and attract attention by appealing to all senses with what you have on your table—touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell.
  10. Submit your group online before each “season” begins in order to have it printed in the groups catalog – available at the First Look each Sunday.
  11. Make your city group interesting and have accurate contact info, and pre-schedule group gatherings as events.
  12. Create a simple, yet attractive flyer or card to give away to friends
  13. Always maintain a standard of “excellence” in the methods you choose to promote your group—something that would attract, not distract people.
  14. As your group begins to form, quickly begin sharing the ownership of the group.
  15. Identify and develop a co or assistant leader, encourage them to become an official group leader by filling out the dream team application
  16. Let everyone help in the various tasks for maintaining the group
  17. Lead by the “less is more” principle—as the leader, you determine the appropriate spiritual level of each member by knowing them individually—don’t overwhelm your group with too much information, too much teaching, too much worship, too long….
  18. Stay connected to the leadership team at First Assembly. Keep them in the loop of what is happening in your group often.
  19. Always pray people to be added who “belong” in your group.
  20. Pray for your group continually
  21. Remember, we aren’t seeking to simply grow numerically, but in depth and closeness to God and each other. When you help people connect with God and each other in a personal, intentional, and missional way, Growth will happen!

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