Continued Sanctuary Renovation

Just a quick note to explain some of the sanctuary renovation that is underway, as I didn't mention it in the second service this morning.  On Thursday, I saw that chairs were being removed from the sanctuary floor.  While I knew the chairs were coming out to make room for platforms for sound boards and cameras, I didn't realize it would happen before I had the chance to explain it to the congregation.

I'm blogging about it here to get the word out that while some people are losing seats they may have used routinely, this will enable us to continue moving the technical end of the sanctuary and our worship experience ahead and will result in many good things in the end.

The sanctuary has and will be receiving some upgrades over the next couple of years!  Keep looking for more good stuff coming down the pike!

If you lost your seat, I'm sorry!  The good thing is, we will still have about 750 others left on the floor!  

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