MONEY911: January 2013 Sunday Message Series

So much has been made in the news over America's present financial woes.  Spending more than you take in, borrowing money you can't fathom how you would pay back, and the need to set up a budget--it sounds like the lives of so many regular Americans!

January is a great time to address stewardship issues!  Did you know that the Bible has a LOT to say about money and possessions?  Over the next three Sundays we'll be tackling many of these issues straight on.

The dates and subjects for this stewardship series are below.  I'm praying that these three messages will hit you right where you live and give you many practical ideas about how to arrive at financial peace.

Speaking of Financial Peace, Financial Peace University is starting up again soon!  Click here to see when and where and what that is!  Hundreds of people have taken this course at First Assembly, and it gives you a great toolbox for financial management in life!  If you'd like to ask one of the leaders about it, please contact Pastor Dwight Johns, our Pastoral Care Pastor at this email address.


January 13     IN GOD WE TRUST
January 20     DEBT AND SAVING
January 27     THE BEST FOR LAST

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