Some Pics from this Trip

This is the church building we planted a church in Hilversum called Thousand Hills International Church, The Netherlands in 2005-2007! The government actually paid for the new steeple seen here.  The congregation will start on the roof next!  We were able to make a stopover and see some things in Holland on the way!

Sebastiaan van Wessem (left), is pictured with me in the sanctuary where we saw God do so many amazing things in the lives of the people of Hilversum.  Sebastiaan has taken the church from 250 people in 2007 to now nearly 500 on Sunday mornings!

The mustard building is the one that teams stay in who work with Calcutta Mercy Ministries.

One of a thousand similar streets here that led off the main road our bus travelled down.

People are packed into this city of 22,000,000!

Some of the children at one of the 200 schools that Calcutta Mercy Ministries has started in east India.

These children were a thrill to see.

One gets a tast of the city with pictures like this.

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