Easter Offering 2013

Even though I'm surrounded by snow today, I know spring and scenes like the one to the left here are just around the corner.  This picture reminds me of a spring ritual my wife Tracy and I had when we had the privilege to live in Belgium.  Every spring, we would go for a walk in what the Americans called "The Bluebell Forest".  It looked a lot like this when it was in full bloom.  It was a way we would say to ourselves and our boys that spring had come.

We are approaching Easter, and the meaning of Easter matters so much for our lives.  The event of Jesus Christ being crucified and resurrecting three days later is completely central to our faith.  Something we're doing on that day to mark what a significance these events hold is to receive an Easter Offering.

As we prepare for the special day of Easter, I want to point out something. 

Jesus BROUGHT himself and Jesus GAVE. 

Jesus brought himself to the cross.  He chose the cross so we could have life!  Jesus gave up everything for us.  It was the ultimate gift. 

I want to challenge us to model Jesus this Easter.  I'm encouraging you to do two things:
  1. Be a Bringer
  2. Be a Giver
Bring a person or family that needs Jesus.  This is the best time of the year to invite people to church.  They are so receptive!

We are also asking you mark Easter by being a giver.  I wanted to let you know we will doing a special offering for Easter where we are hoping to raise $30,000 for two important causes.  We do this a few times a year!  This year the offering is going to go toward funding an internal and an external project:

SO, start praying about your involvement today!  Let's do something amazing for Jesus on Easter by bringing and giving!

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