The Online Church We're Building

Delivering church services is happening in a progressive, tech-savvy, unexpected way, and we're in on it.  A while back, we started livestreaming our church services online.  At first there were 20 or 30 people.

In December, we added three hi-def cameras and a number of other technological advances to make it possible to deliver a live program of our services that feels like watching a TV show each week.  Our audience is now well over 100 people each week--bigger than the average congregation in America!  We're looking to advance this medium to reach more and more "waves of people" who will be "transformed by the love of God" (that's from our church's mission statement).  

Every week, we've got people tuning in from across the county, the country and the globe!  40 people from Chicago alone tuned in last week.  People in The Netherlands, Spain, France, South Africa, Germany and other places are regularly with us!  I love it!  People are worshipping with us and listening to God's word, and that always brings change!

One of the really cool things that's happening is that a chat function has been added.  People can interact with our online pastor, Chad Hair or other people who are signed-in.  People can request prayer or ask questions about Jesus or interact with the message.  Already, we see that this is helping people connect with the life-changing message of Christ!

In the near future, we'll be adding features that will allow people to interact with the invitation to receive Christ, request prayer with a prayer team and other items.  I love it because this represents one of the first ways we're becoming multi-site, taking our Sunday morning worship service experience past our 108 Beck Lane location here in Lafayette.

If you're interested in being a part of the team that is bringing this together, you don't need to be here in Lafayette--or even in the US--to participate!  All you need is a laptop and a little training from Pastor Chad Hair, who has been bringing this all together and developing it.  

To join the First Assembly Online Team, write Chad Hair today, right now, by clicking here!

If you'd like to watch,  presently our services at this link at 9 and 11AM on Sundays, that's Eastern Time in the US or (GMT -5), if you're watching internationally.  

You can follow our Live Events on by clicking here.  

Archived messages and services can also be found by clicking here!

The most recent archived messages are found by clicking here!

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