The Story: Spring/Summer 2013 Megaseries

The Story has just begun, and I am so excited about the feedback I have heard from Kathryn LaFon, a senior citizen who reads the Bible every year.  She says she's read it 40-50 times, but loves what she's finding in The Story, a book that is bringing together the narrative of the Bible in an easy-to read format.  That's how The Story is hitting new believers too, and everyone in between!

As I've been looking ahead at what we'll be experiencing as a church on Sunday mornings and in numerous Life Groups throughout the week, I am so happy we're walking down this road together, knowing we'll not only grow in our knowledge of God's Word, but we'll experience more and more from God's Spirit along the way.  

If you've not joined a Story Life Group, click here to see when they're being offered.  If you've not gotten your copy of The Story yet to follow along, they're still available by emailing here or by picking one up in the church lobby.

Below, you'll see a calendar that will help you know what the emphasis will be on Sunday mornings from now until July 28!

DATE                    STORY                  CHAPTER
4/14                      Creation and Fall      1
4/21                      Joseph                      3
4/28                      10 Commandments  5

5/5                        Joshua                      7
5/12                      Ruth                          9
5/19                      Young David             11
5/26                      Solomon                   13

6/2                       Prophets                   15
6/9                       Fall of Judah             17
6/16                     Esther                       19
6/23                     Nehemiah                 21
6/30                     Jesus' Ministry          23

7/7                      Son of God                25
7/14                    Resurrection              27
7/21                    Paul's Ministry           29
7/28                    Heaven                      31

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