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Today I would like to introduce you to Sisoy and Emi.  Sisoy and Emi live near an Assemblies of God church in Cebu City, Philippines.  Sisoy is a fisherman, but he does not have his own boat or fishing net because he cannot afford to buy them.   He goes fishing with his brother who has a small fishing boat. Some days they catch fish to feed their families.  Some days they even catch enough fish to sell a few in the market.  Some days they catch none at all.  They fish at night so during the day Sisoy can drive a tricycle cab just to get a little extra money for his family to survive.  His wife Emi on the other hand has no job outside of their home and caring for their 5 children. 

The family lives on less than one US dollar a day.

Last year, their youngest child Grace got sick from a simple infection and was not able to recover.   Grace died in October 2013. Sisoy and Emi were devastated to lose this baby that they love and treasured.  During this time of tremendous grieving having just buried their baby, Sisoy and Emi turned to God.  Their pastor taught them about Jesus.  When the typhoon came last November 8, their house collapsed.   They told us during this time they had no hope other than Jesus.  Their baby was dead; their home was gone.  They really lost hope during those painful times in their lives.

In connection with Sisoy and Emi’s story, AGWM missionary Glenn Garrison has let it be known that Sisoy and Emi are going to be the very first recipients of a new home but there are more than 120 other families with stories just like theirs that need our help. 

Many have stepped up and helped to rebuild institutional buildings like churches and schools after the typhoon.  The problem is that even with schools and churches rebuilt, if someone doesn’t build homes, the communities will die.  We can build a home for $600. 

Now you might ask why don’t they just buy their own home.  It’s only $600 after all.  Most of these families are like Sisoy and Emi and live on less then $1 a day.   All of these 120 families live on less than $2 a day.  No bank will loan them money.  There are no government programs to help them rebuild. 

There is only the body of Christ. 

I’m challenging you today to help us build houses for these 120 families.

For every $600 that is given a house will be built for a family that is currently homeless.  If your family is able to join Tracy and me in providing an entire home, we will make sure that you get a picture of the home that you built and the family that lives there. 

Yesterday, we partnered with a number of other Assemblies of God churches and ministries in the midwest to build homes for the 120 Assemblies of God families who were left without homes following the catastrophic typhoon that made landfall in Cebu City, Philippines on November 8, 2013.  It was the strongest storm ever recorded on planet earth.

The video above tells the story, but there is still time to participate through giving.  As I mentioned in yesterday's service, we will be collecting commitments through March 31, 2014.  You can connect with us with any more questions through email by clicking here or can give by clicking here and designating your tax deductible gift in the memo as "Philippines".  All money raised will go to the construction of homes for these needy families.

Emi and her 5 children

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