Q Sunday's Leftover Questions 2015

Yesterday came and went and was the fourth time First Assembly Community Ministries experienced a "Q Sunday"!

We enjoyed some great Q&A time, but we weren't able to address ALL the questions that came forward.  Below are the questions that came in via text.  Check out the list below.  I think it's always an interesting exercise to see the questions that people in my church are really asking!

Many of these questions are addressed on this blog.  Others may serve as the foundation for future posts.  I have given a number of them a quick, short answer here below!

  1.     After Jesus' death, did he go to hell for three days or straight to heaven? NEITHER
  2.     Why did God not accept Cain's offering? HIS ATTITUDE
  3.     Do we remember our friends and family members when we go to heaven? YES
  4.     If God is real and he loves us, how can he let innocent children be born into terrible     circumstances? GOD'S LOVE MEANS HE DOES NOT RESTRAIN THE WILL OF       PEOPLE AND THEY SOMETIMES MAKE HORRIBLE DECISIONS.
  5. What is the purpose of church membership?  A PUBLIC EXPRESSION OF         LOYALTY AND COMMITMENT.
  6. Once you have repented and accepted Christ can you do whatever and then ask for forgiveness, yet still go to heaven? NO
  9.  Is there one sin that you think Jesus won't forgive?  BLASPHEMY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT
  10.  Why did Jesus weep at the tomb of Lazarus, knowing he would soon be risen?  DEATH'S POWER IN HUMAN EXPERIENCE.
  11. How should we respond when someone tries to disprove God by referencing evolution and the Big Bang?  RELAX.  BE KIND AND PATIENT.
  12. Have you read "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" and how true is it? NO.
  13. How long does Pastor Robby think he will be at First Assembly?  AS LONG AS GOD LETS ME.
  14. What are the steps I need to become baptized at First Assembly?  REQUEST AT FIRST LOOK.
  15.  If God won't help me win you ask why should I believe in him?
  16.  Why is God not helping me fix my life I'm trying  but now I'm losing my kids, I've lost my mom, I need his help and why won't help me? I'm ready give up in him.  I HOPE YOU'RE NOT FACING ALL OF THAT ALONE.
  17. Will Pastor Robby have a series on Resurrection, Tribulation, 1000 years, The new earth?  PROBABLY.
  18. Is it okay for Christians to have tattoos?  IS IT WISE?  OR IS IT ACCEPTABLE?
  19. This is from 10 year old Chris. ..What is God's favorite thing in the world?  WORSHIP
  20. Where was Jesus the 3 days between his crucifixion and when he rose again?  SEE 1 PETER 3.
  21. Why did David pick up five stones if God only needed the one to kill Goliath?  NO ONE KNOWS, REALLY.
  22. How long was God bored before creation?  Why did he wait so long?  NO IDEA.
  23. What does the Bible say about women pastors?
  24. How long should we take time to read the Bible?  UNTIL YOU HEAR GOD SPEAKING TO YOU THROUGH IT.
  25. How do you biblically support and encourage someone with depression?
  26. When on the cross Jesus told the thief he would be with Him in Paradise this day. In Revelation it says at the trumpet sons (the Rapture) dead shall rise  to meet Him first then we that are left alive shall rise to meet him in the air.  If we are already with Him and we don't need our physical body in Heaven what is rising from the grave to meet Him; our Physical body or our spiritual body?
  27. Pilate asked Jesus "What is truth?" but didn't wait for the answer. How do we know what truth is?  JESUS SAYS IN THE SAME GOSPEL OF JOHN WHERE WE FIND THESE WORDS FROM PILATE THAT HE IS THE TRUTH.
  28. How can we know that Christianity is more real than any other religion?  THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS VALIDATES ALL HIS CLAIMS AND THE WITNESS OF SCRIPTURE ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE.
  29. If we had the technology to look at Jesus' DNA today, what do you think it would look like, due to his immaculate conception?
  30. What does it mean to dust off your feet at those that don't accept the message if repentance?
  31. So if a prayer is asked in faith and isn't answered, does it mean that person didn't have enough faith?  (Reference to - Matthew 17:20) NO
  32. Is it okay as a Christian to drink a glass of wine to enjoy during dinner or a special occasion?  Why or Why not?
  33. Is Spanking your child a sin? NO, BUT DISCIPLINING YOUR CHILD IN ANGER IS.
  34. The Bible speaks about different languages (from the Babel Tower), but how about the different human races such as skin color, eye color (phenotype)... does the Bible say anything about it?
  35. Is marriage after divorce ok?
  36. Does God test people?  YES

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