21 Myths About Jesus in 21 Days

You've likely heard them.  People make up all kinds of myths about Jesus.  Often, they use these myths to dismiss him or the Church.

Sometimes, myths are used about Jesus because if he's 100% legit, it will require a complete reordering of one's private world.

Over the next 21 days, leading up to Easter Sunday, I'll be dealing with one myth after the other, posting my thoughts here on my blog.  Join me as we tackle myth after myth.

What kinds of myths will we face down?  A few of them are below:

Jesus didn't believe he was God.
Jesus didn't intend to start a church.
I can love Jesus and dismiss the Church.
Jesus' followers made up the resurrection.
Jesus' followers invented the Church for their own power.
Jesus doesn't judge anyone, just accepts us all.

The truth is always startling to anyone resigned to live as though it didn't exist.

Visit this blog over the next 21 days for 21 posts on these subjects and more!

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