5 Ways to Attend River City Leadership College

I'm so excited!  First Assembly Community Ministries in Lafayette, Indiana will offer River City Leadership College, this coming September, in collaboration with Southwestern Assemblies of God University.  Fully accredited, ministry-related degrees at $12,380 a year for full-time, residential students will be available.

Last year we had 7 students who were part of the inaugural group. Already, we have a number of new students slated to start this fall, but hope to double the size of River City in its second year.  Registration will end during the first week of September.

There are a number of ways to pick up this education and prepare yourself for a future in vocational ministry.  You don't even need to relocate to Lafayette to benefit from these programs.  Here are a few ways to take in this program that begins with an Associates degree in Bible and then moves to a Bachelor's degree in Church Leadership.
  1. Full-time resident.  We have affordable housing here on the church campus!  Full-time students can be part of the growing people who are pursuing this kind of education together.  
  2. Full-time non-resident.  You can choose to live wherever you live right now and still be a part of the programs being offered at First Assembly, including taking in the dynamic internships that will possible in Worship Arts, Student Ministries, Children's Ministries, Missions, Community Outreach, Church Administration, etc.
  3. Part-time non-resident.  Are you looking to pick up reasonably priced general education or hoping to come to a more complete understanding of the Bible or some area of ministry or theology?  You can pick up those classes through River City.  Just drop us an email today by clicking here.
  4. Remote full-time non-resident.  Suppose you're already in ministry or deeply involved in your church wherever you live, but you'd like to take advantage of the resources at River City Leadership College.  Stay in Fort Wayne or Evansville or Indianapolis or wherever, and take the courses online.  Even get the work you're doing or going to do at your local church certified for pursuing an internship.  If you have questions about that, please contact us via email by clicking here.
  5. Remote part-time non-resident.  Again, it's possible to pursue the excellent academic resources of River City Leadership College through Southwestern Assemblies of God University at a distance.  You could do it on a part-time basis, a class at a time and see how much you like first.  Again, any internships would need to go through an approval process with River City's Program Director, Tim Parsons.
So, if you want to get further on your plans for university education or are looking for a way to prepare yourself more completely for the ministry ahead, be in touch with us and consider River City Leadership College today!  Don't delay!

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