PRAY-ER--August 2015 Sermon Series

This August, Sunday mornings at First Assembly Community Ministries in Lafayette, Indiana will be focused on becoming a person who prays, a PRAY-ER.

Check out the planned messages below, along with dates, primary ideas and pertinent passages.

I'm looking forward to this series of messages and seeing our church grow deeper into a life of prayer!

8/2      Why Pray?             Jn 14:13-14      We should pray because of who God is.
8/9     Prayer & Victory   Ex. 17:8-13       The outcome of the battle depends on prayer.
8/16   Intercession            Heb. 7:25          Intercession brings 2 parties together in prayer.
8/23  Persist                       Luke 11:5-10   Asking, seeking and knocking require persistence.
8;30   Strongholds           2 Cor. 10:1-5      Prayer tears down spiritual strongholds.

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