21 Myths: Jesus is A Republican

You know you've heard it.  

Maybe you even have said it or thought it.

I don't know exactly how to explain it, but it seems that worldwide, those who take the stories of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as literal accounts of history are more likely to find themselves on the conservative side of the political divide.

That may be why evangelicals in America usually vote in a large majority for a Republican nominee for president.

It may be why Republicans who ignore or openly mock conservative Christians don't end up winning many national elections in the US.

It's a tendency that is sometimes exploited by politicians without any real regard for the claims of Jesus Christ himself.  After all, was Ronald Reagan really in agreement with the gospel that Jerry Falwell preached in the 1980's?   Was Bill Clinton really in tune with aligning public policies with a Christian worldview when he invited right-leaning pastors into his inner circle following his public sex scandal?  Probably not.  In either case.  But these politicians were trying to help themselves by being seen alongside leaders like Billy Graham, Rick Warren and Bill Hybels.

Sometimes, conservative spiritual leaders were naïve enough to think they were pushing America toward Jesus by having their picture taken at the White House with the president.

But the thing here to recognize is that Jesus is not a Republican or a Democrat.  He can't be seen at either of the quadrennial conventions of either party. Both ends of the political spectrum end up stumbling over the sobering commands of Jesus.  

The pro-life vision of the Republicans doesn't absolve them of a need to take up public policies that will help the poor and give shelter to the immigrant.

The democrats may speak intentionally and loudly about diversity and social justice, but that doesn't mean they get a pass on the cozy relationship they seem to have with some of the most hostile forces in America to Christian morality.  Abortion, euthanasia, legalization of drugs, the expansion of pornography, and the loosening of laws limiting prostitution and other sex industries--these are all the typical domain of Democrats and are not what God wants, but that doesn't make Jesus a Republican.

Jesus still commands his followers to give up their goods for the poor.
Jesus still calls for unflinching allegiance to his kingdom first, not to country first.
Jesus still teaches that one should not kill enemies, but love them.

Jesus is bigger than a political label.  He transcends democracy. His commands consume any sort of middle ground.  He insists that he is an unrivaled king who will not wait for his followers to wrap up earthly concerns to follow him.

Jesus never was Republican.  He's no Democrat either. 

"You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God." (Matthew 16:16).  That's who Jesus is.  I'm so glad he's much more than a temporary politician.
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