Tithes and Offerings

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Q: If you designate on your check a portion to go to missions, building fund, etc., is that considered part of your tithe? or is it an offering?
The idea of a "tithe" is a tenth that is given as a block to one central place. The idea of the tithe comes to us through the practices of the children of people throughout the Old Testament. Because a designated offering to something like missions or the building fund would predetermine the use of the money, it wouldn't be considered part of your tithe, as "tithes" in the Bible were gifts freely given for the person or persons to whom it was given to decide how they should be used.

In our context today, tithes would be thought of as a tenth of one's paycheck that is given freely to one's local church, entrusting the leadership there to decide how to best spend that money. Missions, building fund, etc., is an offering that goes beyond the 10% given in the "tithe". That's why, when referring to our offering on Sunday morning, we often employ the term, "tithes and offerings".

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